eXperience Design for Extended Realities


Essential Balance of Left/Right Brain Thinking

UXXR Design is a collective of technically sophisticated user experience designers who understand the complexities of designing for virtual and augmented reality. Our expertise in human factors, interface design, product strategy, and experience design research can alleviate the concern for unknown fail points when building complex immersive experiences.

Meet the Team

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Empathy Driven Data Collection

By helping you to understand the needs, goals, and desires of your user and their mental model, we can plan, execute and analyze effective user tests with real world connections. This will give you valuable data to improve your immersive experience and strengthen adoption.

Case Studies

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Adaptive and Proven

We use proven product strategies and ethnographic research to learn your product and audience inside and out. Because we adapt our methods to each project individually, we are able to work across a wide range of industries.

Cost Savings Strategy

Early testing can significantly reduce development costs, and save on redesign. Many teams find it useful to develop a UX strategy as part of the initial product road map.